About Our Program

The MBS Teacher Training Program offers a unique comprehensive curriculum for students who wish to receive their training in a small studio environment.

MBS Precision Pilates Teacher Training Program incorporates a special blend of contemporary and traditional techniques. Master Trainer and Program Director, Kim Wallace, has taken the fundamentals of the notable Pilates masters and methods to create a training program that shows respect for the old while incorporating an open-minded approach for the evolution of the new and current lifestyles we live today.

A featured focus of the MBS Teacher Training Program is dedicated specifically to Pilates methods and exercises that aid in scoliosis and breast cancer recovery, which also falls right in-line with our Pink Circle Program -- Kim has achieved specialized certifications with this program and is pioneering its education and practice on a local and national level. 

Common Questions

Q. What makes your program so unique?

A. A substantial focus is devoted to a special cancer recovery program. This program offers specific lesson plans designed exclusively for breast cancer survivors. Pilates is so much more than an amazing way to build core strength, and long lean muscles. It’s about rehabilitation and recovery. It’s about maintaining the integrity of alignment. It’s about a holistically healthy body for the Mind, Body, and Spirit!


Q. What will my training consist of?

A. Our program is a full comprehensive 520 hour training curriculum**. This includes in-depth training on multiple traditional Pilates apparatuses including:

●      Trapeze/Cadillac

●      Reformer

●      Chair

●      Barrels

●      Mat

●      Magic Ring

As a bonus we also train on contemporary equipment such as the Bosu, Core Reformer Roller, flex bands and more.

Your training will fulfill a combination of required learning hours, from practical work on all of the above stated apparatuses, to observation hours, teacher training hours; and of course a full lecture series on Pilates history, specific fundamental exercises (for all levels), anatomy, special health considerations, and guidance on how to grow your business.

**As stated above, if you don’t live in the area and are interested in our program, a good portion of your training can be done partially online. Discounts are available for this type of training since remote trainees will be unable to utilize our facility for practical work on the apparatuses.


Q. What is the time commitment? How long does it take?

A. The curriculum requires a 520 hour time commitment. However, we can work to accommodate your schedule. For some it takes 4-6 months, for others it may take up to 1 year. You can go at your own pace.


Q. Does the training price include study materials?

A. Yes! The course includes all books, DVD's, manuals, and one-on-one training.


Q. Is your program affiliated with any other corporate program?

A. Our instructor training program is not affiliated with any other corporate program. Not that it’s a bad thing to go with a corporate program. We support the Pilates community on all levels and know that everyone has different learning needs and goals. Our program is small, and incorporates a special blend of contemporary and classical techniques. We’ve taken the fundamentals of the notable Pilates masters and methods to craft-up a training program that shows respect for the old, while incorporating an open-minded approach for the evolution of the new. Our goal is to first and foremost maintain the integrity of the practice and the results it garners for the human body holistically.


Q. How Big Are Your Class Sizes?

A. We make it a point to keep our instructor training class sizes small to offer more of a personalized approach to the instruction process.


Q. I have a busy schedule, what if I can’t make it to my teacher training sessions?

A. This is really where the beauty of this program comes in… our class days and times are based on the student’s availability rather than a set schedule.


Q. I know I’ll need to practice the exercises, but where am I going to do this? Classes and private sessions are expensive and I’m already pretty invested in my training?

A. This is another huge perk to our program - your training time includes FREE use of the studio for practice time, observation hours, apprentice hours, and FREE group classes for up to 6 months once you’ve started your training. The other bonus to spending this time at MBS is that it offers you the opportunity to get to know our friendly and extremely supportive staff and clientele at the studio.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. The cost is less than most programs, but still offers top quality instruction and training. The cost depends on which program you wish to enroll in. We offer payment plans and advance payment discounts. Give us a call and let’s discuss the right program for you!